Mississippi-Based Commercial Real Estate Firm Molyneaux Group Is Not Affiliated with Ames Department Stores or U.K.-Based Molyneux Group

December 28, 2022

(Biloxi, Mississippi -  12/27/22) - Biloxi, Mississippi-based Molyneaux Group is a commercial real estate firm that advises clients on maximizing their yield and income from their commercial property investments. The company is not affiliated with Ames Department Stores or the U.K.-based firm with a similar name, Molyneux Group. 

“At Molyneaux Group, we advise owners and investors of commercial income properties on how to maximize their yield while mitigating risk on their commercial property investments so they can build more wealth and have fewer surprises,” said Doug Molyneaux, principal broker of Molyneaux Group. “Receiving a flurry of calls this morning for commentary on the sale of Ames Department Stores was certainly a surprise.”

“While we work with investors from across the country and around the world, we specialize in investment properties along the Gulf South,” added Molyneaux. “We work with property owners and operators of all sizes, from institutional investors to individuals, and we hadn’t heard anything about the Ames reopening until I received several calls this morning asking for commentary. Molyneaux Group in Biloxi, Mississippi has not ever been, and is not now in any way affiliated with Ames or Molyneux Group based in the U.K.”

In addition to serving as principal broker at Molyneaux Group, Doug is a leading commercial real estate sales performance coach for one of the top industry coaching organizations in the country. He is also the author of several articles published in the industry’s premier media outlets. 

About Molyneaux Group

Founded by Doug Molyneaux in 2020, Molyneaux Group is a small firm focused on big results. We advise owners and investors of commercial income properties on how to maximize yield while mitigating the inherent risks of commercial real estate investments. 

We guide our clients on the art and science of building more wealth, experiencing fewer surprises, and creating greater efficiencies in their real estate portfolios so they can sleep better at night. 

Molyneaux Group is based in Biloxi, Mississippi

For more information, please contact Doug Molyneaux at doug@molyneauxgroup.com or visit https://molyneauxgroup.com/.