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Commercial Real Estate Investments can be risky.

The Molyneaux Group exists to help owners and investors of commercial income properties maximize their yield while mitigating their risk. Our clients build more wealth, have fewer surprises and sleep better at night.
  • "What I look for in a broker is honesty, consistent communication, maximum and continuous exposure, and results. The Molyneaux Group checks all of the boxes"
    Ed Trehern, Owner
    Trehern Investments, LLC
  • "Being from Houston, I’m used to working with large national brokerage firms. That said, don’t let the size of this firm, or Doug’s ponytail, fool you. They know their stuff and they crushed it. I found this team to be supremely professional and fun to work with. Small firm, big results."
    Michael James, Principal
    MCH Asset Management
  • "No one dislikes paying commissions more than I do. I tried to sell my property “off market” for years.  After 7 different buyers failed to close, I engaged the Molyneaux Group on the advice of a trusted friend. Not only did they produce multiple qualified full price offers within a few weeks, we successfully closed at a price more than 50% higher than any of my previous 7 contracts. I am sending a bottle of champagne to the 7 buyers who failed to close.  At the end of the day the Molyneaux Group made the process easy and painless."
    Mike Ryan, Seller
    Chalet Apartments, LLC

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