Core Values


We take our obligation to act solely in the best interest of our clients supremely serious. NOTHING will eclipse our fiduciary responsibilities. Not profit, not self-preservation or self-interests, NOTHING. We will ALWAYS do what’s in our client’s best interest.


Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what is going on with the marketing of your property or our progress with your deal. We have implemented a system of accountability through periodic reports and a deal management platform that allows you to monitor our activities and progress in real time. You will see every phone call, meeting, email and inquiry that pertains to your property in real time or at intervals that you determine. You will also have 24/7 access to every document that pertains to your deal. And, of course, we will always answer your call or return it promptly. This means that you will never “wonder” what is going on with the marketing of your property. You will always KNOW.


In the spirit of always doing what is our client’s best interest we cooperate and share fees with all licensed real estate brokers. This opens our client’s offerings up to the widest possible pool of investors generating more interest, more offers and ultimately the highest price and best terms obtainable in the current market at that time. Additionally, outside brokers can work with the Molyneaux Group with confidence in knowing that their clients will be competing on a level playing field. Anything less than this would not be client focused.


Our clients, our customers, our prospects and our partners deserve to know the truth. Telling the truth is easy when the truth is good news. Sometimes the truth is not good news and our clients, customers and prospects still need and deserve to know the truth. This means saying “no” when we are not the best fit for a particular property or assignment. It means always being honest as to our value opinions, even when another broker is suggesting a higher price. It means owning our mistakes and making them right. It means doing our best to avoid conflicts of interest and disclosing them immediately if they arise. It means treating everybody, including customers and co-brokers, honestly and fairly, at all times, and in all situations.

Single Agency

We are a single agency firm. While we represent sellers and buyers of investment properties and development sites, we avoid dual agency like we avoid all other conflicts of interest. If we agree to represent you on the sale of your investment property, we only represent you. We always treat the buyer and their broker honestly and fairly, however, our fiduciary responsibilities are to you. If we agree to represent you on the purchase of an investment property, again, we will always treat all sellers and their brokers fairly and honestly, however, our fiduciary responsibilities are to you. We simply find it extremely difficult to represent two opposing parties equally, so we don’t try. We can’t serve two masters, at least not in the same transaction.
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